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EdgeFog films is a Napa Valley based film company committed to capturing the real life moments that make up one of the greatest days of your life. It’s our privilege to hand-craft and curate cinematic moments through light, sound and the magic of motion picture, turn your wedding day into an experience you can relive forever.


Founded by LA based filmmaker and producer, Joel Kling, EdgeFog films, brings over twelve years of film production experience to bear in its unique, cinematic approach to your special day. Edge Fog redefines wedding cinematography with its hip, fun, and timeless signature style; artistically innovative & effortlessly beautiful.  Your wedding is not a commercial, nor is it simply a music video. It’s a gathering of loved ones baring witness to a union of love. It is an event like no other, and we aim to capture the day as it happens- the little details, candid moments, as well as the grand events.


EdgeFog take a sophisticated yet unpretentious approach in our craft, and pride ourselves on being at home with everyone from Bon vivants to tail-gaters. Motivated to capture the beauty, awe and humor of the human experience, we weave the unique story of your love into a beautiful film. Story telling through film is our passion, and each film we make combines our love for the human experience and the professional techniques and artistry of experience.


When commissioning Edge Fog films for your wedding videography, you’re choosing the best in wedding cinematography and you’ll have the film to prove it.

Photo courtesy of Megan Clouse Photography.

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