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In the mix at Jacuzzi Vineyards

Edge Fog films is a curator of all the beautiful, live images and moments you and your loved one’s create together on your special day.


I do not set out to create a glossy magazine spread, or a slick commercial, void of character and realism. Instead, I strive to capture your true essence and showcase your sublimely unique union; a real love-story.


The most challenging and most rewarding aspect comes from finding the small, authentic moments that pass all too quickly, and preserve them through my lens. My job is to blend-in and become part of the day, and allow you to be yourself, to be present, to have fun, laugh, and allow the natural unfolding of your day to be like no other. To me, this is priceless.


Each event I am commissioned for, I set out to do what I would have wanted on my wedding day… for a film to capture me and my wife for who we are, our character and beauty of our personalities and the story of our love and union.


We do highly customized work, and every film is created by founder, Joel Kling. Availability is based on schedule and time dictated on current projects. Unlike many wedding film companies, I do NOT outsource my editing. Each project is shot and edited by me. If you're stil searching around for a videographer, do ask if they edit their own films. Please call to book your date as demand can often exceed capacity. 


Please take a moment to view our portfolio to see samples of past work.

Photo courtesy of Allyson Wiley Photography.

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