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Ashley + Daniel
Glen Ellen, CA

Joel was the videographer for our elopement and he was such a wonderful person to work with! We debated about having a videographer to capture our elopement and we are so glad we chose him! If you're on the fence, do it! His video came out absolutely beautiful and when we showed it at our reception a couple weeks later, everyone cried and raved about it.

Mary + Doug
Napa, CA

We received and enjoyed your work on our wedding video immensely. I can’t count how many times we’ve watched it and how many people sit in awe of the whole production. It’s so well composed, produced and edited! The music choices were spot on and, for me, the finish is so incredibly powerful. However, it’s done with so much finesse that all a viewer has to do is get lost in the story being told. We couldn’t have asked for a better result. Bravo, Mr. Kling!

Harry + Gennifer
St. Helena, CA

Joel, Doug and I just watched the wedding film! It's absolutely beautiful! You truly have a gift, and we are very grateful! Thank you again Joel! We LOVE it!!

Marisa + Michael
Sonoma CA

Joel far exceeded my videographer expectations. He captured our rehearsal dinner and wedding day perfectly- the attention to detail, the creativity and the overall professional level of the video were beyond impressive. He by far was the best vendor! Thank you Joel for the incredible memories we will have for a lifetime!

Missy + Tom
Diablo, CA

Photo courtesy of Jen PhilipsPhotography.

"We couldn't have asked for anything better. It is such a special gift that will last a lifetime. We can't stop showing everyone. We can really see all the love & hard work you put into it. It's so special. Thank you so much.

Sarah + M.T
Sonoma, CA

"Planning a wedding is full of making decisions, and constantly trying to stick to a budget (well, for us anyway!) During the entire planning process we were on the fence about a wedding video. Honestly, it was mainly the cost, and not wanting to ask our parent for one more thing.

Edge Fog Films had been recommended to us, due to their uniqueness, and really because they are the BEST at what they do! Finally the wekk of our wedding we decided to go for it and hire Joel. Lucky for us, his calendar had just become available - it was fate.

Had I know how amazing the video was going to be, we would have never even thought twice about hiring Edge Fog Films. I can't express how much I LOVE our wedding video, and so does EVERYONE we share it with. The video instantly became one of our most prized possesions! The work that Joel and Edge Fog Films does is something one really can't put a price on - in our eyes, the video is simply priceless!

Danielle + Tomas
Sonoma, CA

"My husband and I chose Edgefog film for our wedding and it was one of the BEST decisions we made! Initially, we were unsure whether we wanted to even have a videographer, as some friends and relatives told us it just wasn't worth the money. Well, they could not have been more wrong. Although we were lucky in that our planner suggested wonderful vendors, Joel Kling was BY FAR our FAVORITE vendor to work with throughout the entire process. Joel's fun and friendly demeanor made us feel so comfortable we hardly knew he was even there at times. The final product was a masterpiece, nothing short of perfect. Our friends and relatives cannot get over how professional and "movie-like" it seemed. They only wished their own videos could have been so great! We loved having Joel as a part of our special day, we were BEYOND lucky to have him."

Photo courtesy of Allyson Wiley Photography.

Kate + Ryan
Sonoma, CA 

"Joel was not only a fun, great guy to have around us all during the wedding weekend, his work ended up completely blowing us away.  His ability to take our wedding and turn it magically into a film with a Hollywood polish was absolutely amazing.  Thank you Joel!"

Natasha + Nick 
Napa, CA 

"We are so happy with our wedding video!  We had hired Joel to capture the special moments throughout the evening rather than film the whole time and he did just that.  Not only is every shot included in the final video amazingly flattering, but Joel captured the essence and feel of the day in the music and editing.  We love sharing the video with family and friends because it reminds us all of what a wonderful day it was.


We gave Joel very little direction leading up to the day and just let him do his thing; on the day of he was super easy - requiring almost nothing of the wedding party.  He showed up early while I was getting ready with my bridesmaids and got great shots of us getting ready.  He got great candid shots of everyone and didn't interrupt what we were doing at all, we hardly noticed he was there.  He captured all the important moments without me having to give him a list or anything.


After the wedding I had asked him if it would be possible to finish the video by the holidays so we could share it with family we were visiting on the East coast.  No questions asked, he got it done with plenty of time to spare - no extra last minute stressing on a package arriving in time for the holidays.  Joel was super easy to work with, required so little from me as a bride and turned out an amazing product and lifetime keepsake.  Use him for your wedding!  He will be one of the best/easiest vendors you hire and you will be so happy to have such a great video to remember your special day by!”

Kasey + Jeff 
San Diego, CA 

"Like many couples on a strict wedding budget, we debated whether or not to 'splurge' on a videographer for our big day. What were we thinking?! We never should have wondered--I cannot imagine now what it would be like if we didn't have footage from 8/21/11 and the result was sooo essential to the perfectness of our wedding day. Joel left us at ease and acted as if he totally belonged at the party just as much as our guests--he never got in the way and frankly I don't think our guests even noticed him/his equipment! Still, he managed to capture things we would never have seen ourselves amidst the busy-ness of all that was going on. Among the best parts of choosing to hire him is that right after we got back from our honeymoon about a month later, he sent us a 'sneak peek' short video he'd edited together. My husband and I, and our family and friends, LOVE it! It totally captured the mood and feel of our day in a way wedding photographs can't. Hire him, hire him, hire him!”

David + Megan 
Pacific Palisades, CA

"We hired EdgeFog films to shoot our wedding. At first we weren’t really going to do a video, and now I realize what a huge mistake that would have been. The video they shot doesn’t just capture memories of the event, it entertains and excites the viewer! Friends have asked to view the 20 minute video they put together multiple times. After all of the money we spent on the wedding I am so glad we decided to devote some funds to Edge Fog, who made a video that will last a lifetime. Their sense of humor helped to keep the mood light on what could have otherwise been a stressful day. Hire EdgeFog films, and do it now.”

Jason + Amanda 
Santa Barbara, CA

"It was very important to us that we found someone who “got us.”  Not only were they easy to work with, but Joel exceeded our expectations, capturing the feelings and emotions of our wedding day and giving us a treasure we will value forever.  Our video was so well done that even our family and friends love watching again and again."

Photo courtesy of Allyson Wiley Photography.

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