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"Like many couples on a strict wedding budget, we debated whether or not to 'splurge' on a videographer for our big day. What were we thinking?! We never should have wondered--I cannot imagine now what it would be like if we didn't have footage from our wedding. The result was sooo essential to the perfectness of our wedding day."

-Kasey T. (Bride)

Father, Daughter

It’s my belief that a wedding film is one of the best investments you make.

It is the one thing you can come back to time and time again to relive the live moments, sounds and exchanges, and to really feel and experience your wedding.

I offer various options when it comes to your film - each one is custom made just for you. We have packages starting at $5,000. Please contact me for a detailed rate sheet and we can discover exactly what you want.


Photo courtesy of Viera Photographics Photography.

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